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Purpose-driven creative and production studio focused on strategy & storytelling.

We are the LightBros | 2018

Global Showreel 4K

DJI x Huawei

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Zander App

Brand Video

Hawkers Dogma

Branded Content

Viaja Way 2018

Digital Media

#WomenTalk Stradivarius

Branded Content

Jimmy Lion x Pacha Ibiza

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Zadig&Voltair | Maria Pombo

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    Eye catching. Jaw dropping.

    Video Production

    Experience-driven videos with an added touch of epic-ness

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    Eye catching. Jaw dropping.


    Be it a campaign or behind the scenes photoshoot, our highly creative photographers are always down to shoot great content. 

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    Eye catching. Jaw dropping.

    Ideation & Concept Development

    Crafting stories that matter for brands to engage, educate and inspire.

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    Content Airlines

    Crafting synergies between like minded brands to co-create valuable content in aspirational destinations – at a fraction of the price.

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    Designing a plan to reach your brand’s social media & content goals. 

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    Influencer Marketing

    Scouting targeted influencers for an optimised content distribution.

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We're about you

Driven by Curiosity. Led by Creativity.

LightBros is creative & production studio built for the digital age. Our vision – A world where media isn’t only entertaining but also inspires and educates. Our mission –  Authentic stories that evoke emotions inviting the new generation consumers to connect with purpose-driven brands through immersive experiences. 

// We help brands:

  • Identify and articulate their best authentic stories
  • Choose the most effective content formats
  • Transform stories into robust visual experiences
  • Create and publish their own content
  • Deliver their stories to the right people


What makes us different? We come from a world of professional sports, both the founders of the company have been well known athletes. Their active extreme lifestyles can be seen and felt in the companies culture and also in every piece of content, creative concepts & strategies that comes out of the studio. 

// Few facts about us:

  • All content we make is highly shareable.
  • We are data-driven. Results don’t lie.
  • Our team is composed of Millenials and Generation Z’s.
  • We work in fluent English, French or Spanish.
  • We are based in Madrid but most of our projects have been produced globally.

Trusted by the best:


Let's make it happen

+34 910 228 408

Calle Antonio Flores, 4, 1ª Derecha

Madrid (Madrid)

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